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Whysall Web designs creative websites by finding and sharing your unique sales proposition.  People Need To Find You, People Need To Respond To Your Well Thought Out Marketing Messages, and People Need To Respond To Your Professional Design. 


Elegant website design for your business on a budget


A Little about SEO and website sales

What a business hopes to gain from an SEO specialist is to out rank its competitors to be number one in the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Meanwhile, all the competitors are trying to outrank you.  To add to the competition and the complexity, the algorithms keep changing how they rank you, leaving all the experts scrambling, reverse engineering what they think is happening, and reading each other's expert opinions to try to determine the best strategy to keep your business ranking.  

There are some basic tactics to help your website rank so your visitors can find you that never change.  But, the single most important aspect of any website is your sales message.  What good is it to outrank all your competitors if you do not have a strongly worded, thought out sales message that gets to the consumer's driven impulse to buy what you are selling? 

Creating a strong sales message takes time and effort, but is the best long term strategy your business small business on a budget needs to succeed.

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Web Design and online marketing enthusiast with over 10 years of SEO Experience. BS in Computer Programming, and an MBA in Frederick, MD.


There is nothing demystifying about getting your business listed in as many free online directories as possible.  I call it plug and chug.  I keep a spreadsheet of all the directories your business is submitted to, and when the post cards are mailed we verify your website in the free small business directories for local ranking.


I am a firm believer in that all that is needed to make a great website are three components: People Need To Find You, People Need To Respond To Your Well Thought Out Marketing Messages, and People Need To Respond To Your Professional Photography. Those three components give you a better shot at competing with all the noise (your competitors who want the same thing) out there.


Finding your unique voice is a matter of interviewing you to find your unique sales proposition, then comparing your message to the consumer wants and needs to serve them a reason to contact you.


It does't have to be impossible for your small business to compete with the big boys.  In many ways your small business has an advantage.  It's just a matter of strategy to give you the footing to succeed. Getting your sales message created, optimized, and going is what I do to make your stuff or you sell.  


What SEO specialists do behind the scenes to get you to rank is many things, but the basics include creating your title tag, making sure your description tag has a story about WHY the person reading your snippet should even contact you, and ensuring that your website centers around an entire theme for semantic search technology.


A/B split testing measures two similar pages with similar messages.  The measured differences can be minor such as moving a contact me button from the front right to the front left and then calculating how many people click on the front left, verses how many people click on the front right.

The tests need to keep all the variables the same, such as when the pages are displayed and where. It takes time to get the results.  But once you get the results you have the best optimized page up for converting to sales, and sales is the ultimate goal. I try not to change too many things at once because we don't know which change it was that really caused the increase or decrease.  

Sometimes change is complicated and needs entirely different copy for comparison.  The bottom line is that the A/B split testing takes time, and once you arrive at the best converting page, you should increase your sales. 



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